Washington D.C. has early Spring-like feel on a warm February day

Warming temperature in the region - Another sign of climate change ?
Washington D.C. had a 70 plus Fahrenheit temperature on Friday, Feb. 24, 2017
Photo Credit: Huma Nisar

Some called it vagary of weather. Others called it an early spring warm up linked to climate change. Still others paid little heed to interpretations and jogged around and strolled along the National Mall to enjoy the weather.

But everyone agreed that Washington had a rare pleasant weather – on successive days – for this time of the year, when usually snow, rain and cloudy skies dictate wintry character of the city.

Washington Monument-4 Feb 24, 2017 (2)

The temperature on Friday read 77 degrees Fahrenheit, following on Thursday 75 degrees. The remaining days of the month will tell if February 2017 goes down as the warmest day on record. Could this be an indication of a hot summer ahead?

Compare it with what happened last year when a massive snowstorm buried the region in heaps of snow. Last year was one of the hottest years on record, after a long cold winter.

The pattern of the longest stretch of the hottest years this century suggests it is climate change which is manifesting itself in many different ways.

Saturday is forecast to bring rain. That may have been one of the reasons that people flocked to the District’s monuments and parks on Friday to enjoy the warming up weather.

The winter this years has not seen even a glimpse of the snow it had last year.

Toward the end of January 2016, an epic snowstorm enveloped much of the eastern United States and followed the hottest year- 2015- on record.

Washington D.C. was among the areas to take the severest hit from the blizzard.

This year has been particularly different and helpful for the West Coast, where rains and snow in northern parts of California have helped alleviate some impacts of one of longest running droughts.

Washington Monument-3 Feb 24, 2017 (2)

On the East Coast, New York did receive snowfall a couple of times but in Washington area winter has been so mild that citizens hardly felt the real biting cold that customarily last for months in the area.

All photos taken by Views and News on Friday.






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Augustine Anthony is a contributor to Vews and News magazine
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