Washingtonians show keen interest in Pakistani arts

Art works, costumes, artefacts major attractsions
Photo Credit : Courtesy Pakistan Embassy

The occasion was Around the World Embassy Tour-Passport DC – an annual event that introduces diversity of world cultures to Washingtonians at the start of each summer.

Almost customarily, Pakistani artefacts, cuisine, costumes, folk music, artefacts and paintings remained among major attractions, with endless lines of visitors coursing through the Pakistani embassy throughout the day.

Despite intermittent rains, visitors continued to enjoy the beats of traditional Pakistani music reverberating in the International Court diplomatic area, which also houses embassies from several Middle Eastern countries.

A special feature was participation of a group of American performers, who took part in the cultural performances arranged by the Embassy including regional and folk dances.

Photo Credit : Courtesy Pakistan Embassy

Photo Credit : Courtesy Pakistan Embassy


The weekend tourists form the Metro area showed a keen interest in the rich and diverse cultures of Pakistan, particularly its ancient heritage, the architecture of various eras, colorful costumes, carpets, artefacts, woodwork, brass work, leather work, calligraphy, and jewelry. A pictographic exhibition of Pakistan’s history from ancient to modern times also remained a focus of attention of the visitors.

Pakistani-Americans, particularly the youth, also had the opportunity to learn about Pakistan from documentaries tracing civilizational roots, history, development and geographical diversity.

A highlight of the event was peace walk by some members of Pakistani American community around the International Chancery Center.

Will that help convey the many achievements and creative works of Pakistanis to the multicultural citizenry of Washington?

“We are really thrilled to see such enthusiastic response to our effort to showcase the best of Pakistan – I am sure the event will contribute to projecting a better understanding about Pakistan and its hardworking people,” Nadeem Hotiana, Press attache at the embassy, said.

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Augustine Anthony is a contributor to Vews and News magazine
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