‘Next Generation 5G mobile systems promise lightning Internet speed ‘

Work on track for 2020 entry
Photo Credit ITU via United Nations News Center

For users of the Internet, disaffected with the now-fine-now-patience-testing pace of communication, a hopeful news emerged Wednesday : work on the next generation mobile networks, 5G mobile systems, is on track to provide lightning speed by 2020.

The 5G technology will bring unprecedented speed and ultra-reliable communications for broadband and the Internet of Things, experts say.

In the latest development toward realizing the goal of 5G mobile systems, a working group of the United Nations agency, which coordinates telecommunication operations and services throughout the world, completed today a cycle of studies.

As the use of Internet, social media, and mobile phones increases exponentially,more and more businesses and citizens want much faster speeds.

The work pertains to key performance requirements of the next generation mobile networks (5G technology) for the International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT)-2020 systems.

“IMT-2020 will be the global cornerstone for all activities related to broadband communications and the Internet of Things for the future – enriching lives in ways yet to be imagined,” the UN International Telecommunication Union, Secretary-General, Houlin Zhao, says.

The draft report – describing key requirements related to the minimum technical performance of IMT-2020 candidate radio interface technologies, including data rate, bandwidth, latency, area traffic capacity, energy efficiency and reliability – is expected to be approved at the ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) 5G meeting in November.

Regarding the IMT-2020 standard, François Rancy, Director of ITU’s Radiocommunication Bureau says: “The standard is set to be the global communication network for the coming decades and is on track to be in place by 2020.”

“The next step is to agree on what will be the detailed specifications for IMT-2020, a standard that will underpin the next generations of mobile broadband and IoT connectivity,” he added, according to a UN report.

According to ITU, early technical trials, market trials and deployments of 5G technologies based on the foreseen developments slated for IMT-2020 are not anticipated.

Explaining the work so far, the UN and ITU say these systems may not provide the full set of capabilities envisaged for IMT-2020, but the results of these early activities will flow forward into, and assist the development of, the final complete detailed specifications for IMT-2020.

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Huma Nisar is writer at Views and News
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